Call for Articles Volumes 7 and 8


IFF Feldenkrais Research Journal: Seeking Articles and Volunteers

Call for Articles

We are pleased to announce that we are resuming publication, and seeking articles for two volumes to be produced simultaneously. After the success of the last volume of the IFF Feldenkrais Research Journal Volume 6 on arts and creative practice, it has been on pause for the last year due to the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Volume 7: General Volume, with special section on Mindfulness and Feldenkrais Method.
Articles dealing with any aspect of research into the Feldenkrais Method and related ideas: research studies, hypothesis and theory, studies in progress, reviews, etc. See the Journal website for the Types of Articles we are interested in.

Volume 8: Special Volume: Approaches to Research. Hillel Braude, MD, PhD will be Guest Co-editor for this volume. What should we be researching, and how? We are seeking papers on research approaches and methodology as part of the ongoing discussion on how to study the Feldenkrais Method? See the announcement on the Journal website about this volume.

When to submit: You can submit anytime, but to get these volumes started we invite you to submit from April 2022. We are making use of continuous on-line publication: submit an article and it will be published as the editorial and formatting process is finished – so earlier or later submissions will be accepted. We plan to have both volumes complete by April 2024. 

How to submit an article: For submission requirements, length of submission, format, etc. click on this link. You can submit through the FRJ website. While the review process of articles is blinded, part of the function of the FRJ is to support writing in our field – so if you have an article in mind, we invite you to get in touch with the Editors to discuss your ideas and suitability for publication in the FRJ. Write to:

Call for Volunteers
We are seeking volunteers to help out with a range of tasks: from reviewers for articles, to assistance with formatting, etc. If you have writing and editing, or computer skills, and are interested in ideas about the Feldenkrais Method and how we can research it, please write and we discuss how you could be involved.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or ideas.

Cliff Smyth, Editor