Call for Contributions

The IFF Feldenkrais Reseach Journal has been on pause for the last year due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. We are pleased to announce that we are currently seeking articles for two volumes to be produced similtaneously.

Volume 7: General volume, with a special section on mindfulness and the Feldenkrais Method.

Volume 8: Special Volume: Approaches to Research
Hillel Braude, MD, PhD will be Guest Co-editor for this volume.

Time frame:  We are seeking papers by April 30, 2022. We are now doing continuous on-line publication: submit an article and it will published as the editorial and formatting process is finished, so submissions before and after that date will be accepted.

Submitting an Article

While the review process of articles is blinded, we invite you go get in touch with the General Editor and Guest Editors if you have a paper in mind to discuss your ideas and suitability for publication in the FRJ. Part of the function of the FRJ is to support writing in our field:

All papers are reviewed with a double-blinded peer review process with at least two reviewers. They may be accepted as submitted, accepted subject to revisions, or not accepted for publication. See links here for more details about the editorial process and format for submissions.

Length: 3,000 to 5,000 words


Review Process

All articles are reviewed by at least two readers. They are asked to recommend if an article should be accepted as submitted or with small edits, whether it is suitable for publication with additional re-writing and editing, or whether it is not suitable. If there is a significant disagreement between reviewers, then a third and possibly a fourth reviewer will read the article. Resubmitted articles are again assessed by the original readers.

Final decisions about inclusion of submitted article are made by the Editor(s). The Editors may be involved in a round or rounds of final edits with authors.  Final drafts are proof-read and checked by our Harvard formatting editor, and final formatting and referencing edits may also be sent to the author for resolution.

Our current regular reviewers are:

  • Cornelia Berens
  • Hillel Braude
  • Karol Connors
  • Diane Hanneman
  • Thomas Kampe
  • Zoran Kovich
  • Cliff Smyth

Other specialist reviewers are recruited for particular themes or articles.

Author Guidelines

The author guidelines and submission check list can be found under ‘About’ => ‘Submissions’ tab on this site.


Submissions can be made using the Submissions button on this site.

Get In Touch

If you are thinking of submitting a paper, we invite you to let us know about the possible topics, authors, any sense you have of when it will be ready, and any questions you have about the submission, editorial, and publishing process. Please also check the Author Guidelines and Submission Checklist.

Please don't hesitatate to contact us at:

Contributing to the FRJ Project

To create a quality Journal for the Feldenkrais professional field, which also engages with wider worlds of thinking, study, and practice, takes teamwork. We are pleased to have a team of ten Editors and Advisory Editors. Please join the team by:

  • writing for the Journal – yes, you
  • letting us know about relevant research, writing, or publishing
  • encouraging people in your networks, who may have something to write or submit, to consider doing it
  • promoting the Journal
  • sending us ideas and suggestions
  • letting us know if you have some resources that can help this important project.

We would love to hear from you with your questions and ideas.

Please email us at:


Cliff Smyth, Editor

for the Feldenkrais Research Journal Editorial Team