About the Journal

About the Feldenkrais Research Journal

The Feldenkrais Research Journal addresses practical and theoretical aspects of research for the Feldenkrais professional field, interested researchers, scholars, and thinkers in related disciplines, and members of the public. It focuses on research into the Feldenkrais Method┬«, and related fields of practice, thought, research, action, and awareness. This peer reviewed Journal seeks to engage in a dialogue about research within the Feldenkrais professional field and beyond.

The Feldenkrais Research Journal is published and supported by the International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF). The IFF is the coordinating organization of Feldenkrais Guilds and Associations and other key Feldenkrais professional organizations worldwide. The Feldenkrais Research Journal has editorial independence. Find out more about the IFF on its website.

The IFF has an active Research Working Group that coordinates a research network of practitioner researchers. It also maintains a Reference Database of articles about the Feldenkrais Method, including a number of curated research lists.