Tools for the practice of acting


  • Julie-Kazuko Rahir La Manufacture, Haute école des arts de la scène – HES-SO, Lausanne, Switzerland


acting, actors, Feldenkrais Method, theatre research, tools for actors


In 2020, I started a research project entitled 'Theatre and Feldenkrais: which tools from the Feldenkrais Method® are most pertinent to an actor’s work?’ (Rahir 2020). This took place within the framework of La Manufacture’s research department as part of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Western Switzerland and in partnership with the Feldenkrais Association of Switzerland, the Autopoïesis art school in Montréal and The Institut de Formation Feldenkrais – IFELD in Lyon. We indexed different principles contained in the Feldenkrais Method proved to be effective in prompting creative acting. We then attempted to make assumptions about how those principles might be applied on stage in order to determine whether we could turn them into what we henceforth called tools for actors.

This article is based on an earlier French version of this paper.

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Author Biography

Julie-Kazuko Rahir, La Manufacture, Haute école des arts de la scène – HES-SO, Lausanne, Switzerland

Julie-Kazuko Rahir is a Belgian-Swiss actress, researcher, and qualified practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method (IFELD III, Lyon, 2017). She is associate researcher and teacher at La Manufacture – Haute école des arts de la scène/HES-SO, and teaches the Feldenkrais Method to dancers, actors, directors and scenographers in two other drama schools in French-speaking Switzerland, Les Teintureries in Lausanne and the Serge Martin School in Geneva.




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