Highlighting new research paper - Dahlberg 2022


Balancing at the Beginning of Words – Revisiting the Idea of Open Awareness in Qualitative Research

Author:  Helena Dahlberg

Published by Sage Journals.  Qualitative Inquiry 2022, Vol 28 (10) 1019-1026.



In this article, my aim is to explain the phenomenological approach of openness in research. The understanding of open questioning is concerned with Merleau-Ponty’s analysis of the intimacy of siding with the world, and this relationship puts distinctive demands on researchers to be aware of the phenomena in the study. I also use the Feldenkrais approach that offers a body awareness practice that examines the border between humans and the world. The article shows how the phenomenological approach, together with the Feldenkrais practice, can guide researchers on the important road between nonverbal, lived experience and scientific, verbal activities.