Announcing recent research paper Lafe and Pacheco (2020)


Applying the Search Strategies Approach to Practice: The Feldenkrais Method

Authors:  Charley W. Lafe, and Matheus M. Pacheco

Published by Brazilian Journal of Motor Behavior 2020, Vol 13, 5, 147



Background: The search strategies approach (SSA) to skill acquisition has its roots in the dynamical systems approach and has demonstrated a number of theoretical advances to the area. We argue that its advances can and are already linked to practical applications when we consider the method of Moshe Feldenkrais. The Feldenkrais Method (FM) considers skill acquisition (from rehabilitation to daily life activities improvement) in terms of exploration of new possibilities to achieve efficiency in movement.

In this paper, we discuss how the SSA encompasses Feldenkrais method (FM) illustrating its applicability. Furthermore, we point to new possibilities in both FM and SSA if these are to be formally linked.